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Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD, is a specialized visa processing & Holidays, Travel Services providers, offering our services to many big and small firms, Corporates Travellers & Individual clientele.
The charges quoted above are provisional and subject to change without notice as per the instructions given by Embassy, Immigrations, VFS Sponsor’s & Vendors, above information obtained from our service providers may subject to change.

  VISA FACILITATION Clauses Mentioned: -We are only visa facilitation firm, SENDING OR DELIVERING YOUR APPLICATIONS, PASSPORTS, CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENTS TO       Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. Accept these terms & Conditions and Acknowledge you consent with us, VISA FEE, REJECTIONS, APPROVAL IS SUBJECT TO EMBASSY       OR IMMIGRATION

  E-VISA FACILITATION Clauses Mentioned: The Immigration Authorities reserves the right to ask for additional document if required and the consulate also holds the right       to refuse or reject the visa & hold the application for more than processing time without any explanation. All Visa fees are non-refundable and subject to change.

  General Condition for Ticketing: -


  Processing Time: -Processing time for VISA APPLICATIONS in accordance to processing time taken as per advisory of Immigrations and Embassy, General Consulates.it is       under normal procedures processing time will calculated after applications (Passport & Documents) Submitted in Embassy, Immigration & General Consulates. Embassy,       Immigration & Consulates may request additional documents, may delay or deny processing at their desecration without further information. Brightspark Leisure Services       PVT LTD will not be held responsible for any delay.

  Service Fee Non- Refundable : -; No Service fee, Embassy Fee, Immigration Fee, Courier Fee, Shipping charges or any portion thereof will be refunded to delay processing

  Fee & Payments: -In accordance to your consent that your credit or Debit cards will be billed immediately after online verification placed. Your agreement to pay all fees       and charges for any products or services offered for sale by the side of Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD or by any other Vendors or service providers through       Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. You shall pay all applicable taxes & Shipping charges relation to the purchase of any other products like Holiday Packages, VISA,       Insurance, Car Rental, FOREX etc. Which will be subject to change without further indications & Information’s.

  Shipping & Handling Service Charges: -Brightspark Leisure Services using shipping services BLUE DART/DTDC/DHL for all shipping requirements unless instructed      otherwise. Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD usage standard envelops, other standard packaging materials provided by Bluedart /Dhl/DTDC or another shipping       company as instructed by a client. Sometimes documents get damaged or lost during shipping. Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD is not responsible for any damage or       loss during in Transit or client possessions. Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD strongly encourages its clients to use shipping services that provide real time tracking of      packages in transit. We are not responsible for any mistake or failure by the side of Shipping companies to deliver, On time, Tracking, Location keep safe, any and all       products. We cannot warrant claims any of by the side of Shipping Company.

  Conceptual Ontology: - We are trying our level best to all services explained that appearing on our website. Henceforth, we do not guarantee that, all the explanations,       definitions, and are much more current. Completed or without any constraints. We can change our requisition and Charges(Fee) without any prior indication & explanation       changes may avail at immediate effect. In an accordance, shall any shall any concepts of services or any information available on our website may be out-dated, you agree       to hold Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD harmless. You will not hold Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. For any kind of incorrect information, in prices, services       level, and time taken.

  Facilitation Supplying: - Requirements and fee related, General information appearing on website, services procedures are subject to change without any prior indication     or notifications. Our Supplier & Vendor (Hotels, Airlines, Immigrations, Embassy or Consulates Generals may ask for further documentation or Fee/ Charges at their       discretion. They may also deny for travel documents, visa, passport, Hotel Vouchers, Tickets without any declaration reason of denial. Processing time of services quoted by       Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. Based on normal circumstances. And are genuine in most of cases, requested applications but not Guaranteed. Brightspark Leisure       Services PVT LTD is not responsible for any delay, denial for services or any financial loss due to denial in delay service.

  Connecting: - As you are using this site and our services, providing us your necessary approval to contact you via. email, messengers, e-forms, of communications for all       purpose including distribution of Marketing and promotional materials.

  Security Concern. At the time of Submission or registrations on our website make sure you are providing information duly correct, about your Login, Password you are       confidentially maintained it.

  Intellectual Property: -Website, including but not textures, copyrights, contents, photographs, software, graphic applications, protected by copy-rights, trade-marks, service     marks. International treaties and other proprietary rights and law of other countries. All logos, images, web design, text, graphics, software, coding’s, used to generate     webpage Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. Are sole property which cannot be copied, adapted, sketched in any manner without prior written permission of       Brightspark Leisure Services. All other service mark, trademarks, logos, articles, columns and other elements are the property of their respective owners.

  Copy Rights & Trade Marks: - Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD. Insure that all compliance and honouring intellectual property rights of others. You herewith agreed to       free hold to Brightspark Leisure with any responsibility and liability.

  Service Indemnification: - Indemnify, and hold save harmless, and defend at your own expenses Brightspark Leisure Services. Its Directors, Agents and Employees, from      and against all suites, claims, demands and liability kind of, including cost and expenditures arising on violation of the Terms & Conditions by your side, your agent, Sub-       agent and whosoever using your Computer and ID. It requisition shall extend to claims, liability of any third parties using patented or copyright information or any other       reason.

  Termination: - According to your agreement Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD, have the right to terminate your ability to using/access/Logging this site at immediate       basis without your consent/prior notification from our side. Brightspark Leisure Services will not be responsible for any damage.

  Link: - web links to other websites. This is declaring the sources of informational structure to be locate other internet resources. Brightspark Leisure will not be responsible,       liable for appearing third party links, or any links contained in site.

  Restrictions: - this site is intended to use as per age bar 18 year above. This would not be used to for any illegal purpose with these terms & Conditions. Any harmful       objects will not be acceptable

  Agreement: - this agreement constitute between you and Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD, none of other modification will not be valid till the sign/agreement with the       both parties.

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