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Brightspark Leisure Services PVT LTD has flourished as an innovative and ever- growing travel company. Serving over 25 Corporations travelers a year. Presently experiencing a period of acute growth, seeks A strong, tested, and successful leader to continue this growth in the Corporate and Leisure Travel Departments. We have experience with significantly growing business and possess proven professional leadership skills.

Our Managing Staff cultivating rapport with travel suppliers, Monitor and enforce professional standards and deliverables, and create and/or streamline processes.

Your Satisfaction is Our Duty

We recognize that if you do not care about your clientele Someone else will do, every individual is too Important for us. We do this by making you the priority of our Highly experienced team of Travel Professionals. Who are fully committed to fulfill all your Travel needs.

Corporate Business

1. Initiate and drive resurgence of Corporate Business

  a. Identification and engagement with the most advantageous consortia

  b. Potential collaboration with external TMCs to gather and leverage resources

  c. Capitalization on existing technology (AMEDEUS, GDS, VISTAM,METRASH office accounting, mid-office solutions, etc.)

2. Work with Senior Management to identify and attract new clientele

3. Review and revise pricing structure for marketing and revenue maximization

4. Delegate and manage workflow of direct reports (presently three corporate agents)

Create and implement robust continuous training program in partnership with vendors, other intra-company department heads, etc.

6. Master all research, pricing, booking, invoicing, billing, and payment collection processes to assist staff on regular, daily basis

Leisure Business

1. Initiate, maintain, and grow relationships with boutique Luxury Leisure suppliers

2. Maintain relationship with Virtuoso, a luxury leisure travel consortium

3. Schedule in-office supplier visits and presentations when advantageous

4. Delegate and manage workflow of direct reports (presently two leisure agents)

5. Manage pursuit of uncollected commissions in collaboration with Accounting Department

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